Dimitrios Stamatios Hirras


He was the second of five children, the first of three boys born to Stamatios Hirras and Maria (“Mariyo”) Mihalis Deddi. He was probably named after his paternal grandfather.














Sept. 15



Dimitrios was born in his parent’s home in the village of Ano (Upper) Klima on the island of Skopelos, Greece.

Sept. 24



Dimitrios’s birth was registered on this date.

Sept. 14


6 yrs old

Dimitrios’s future wife, Magdalene Dimitrios Ravanou, was born in the village of Kato (Lower) Klima.



16 yrs old

Dimitrios served as a student in the Navy.

Oct. 18



Balkan Wars  Begin  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balkan_Wars

Aug. 10



Balkan Wars  End.



24 yrs old

Dimitrios married Magdalene Dimitrios Ravanou in Kato Klima.

His father Stamatios had a merchant boat built for him as well as all of the Hirras sons to be given to them at their weddings as a form of economic assistance.

Jul. 2



Greece enters  World War I  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balkans_Campaign_%28World_War_I%29

Oct. 30


25 yrs old

Dimitrios received his captain’s license for merchant ships in the mainland city of Volos.

Sept. 8



Dimitrios officially became a naftis (sailor).

Nov. 11



World War I  Ends.

Sept. 5


28 yrs old

Dimitrios’s first daughter, Anna, was born in Kato Klima.

Dimitrios and his wife had been without children for the first five years of their marriage. Dimitrios’s wife, Magdalene, prayed and made a promise to Saint Anna that if she had a daughter, she would name her Anna, after the Saint. Had the child been a boy, it would have been named John.




Smyrna, Asia Minor falls to the Turks, Hellenic population is ousted from the region forever.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Fire_of_Smyrna

May 5


30 yrs old

Along with the receipt of his captain’ s license, Dimitrios became the captain of a boat.




Dimitrios became partners with his future in-law Varsamas Polizos on the merchant boat, The Panormiti.

Jun. 3



Dimitrios’s daughter Maria was born in Kato Klima.

Oct. 15


31 yrs old

Dimitrios’s father-in-law, Dimitrios Yioryios Ravanos, died.

Feb. 2


32 yrs old

Dimitrios’s brother-in-law Harilaos died at a young age.

Jun. 25



Another brother-in-law of Dimitrios’s, Thracivoulos, also died as a young boy.

May 10


34 yrs old

Captain’s license, captain of a boat.

May 20



Charles Lindbergh completes first trans-Atlantic flight


Sept. 2


36 yrs old

Dimitrios became an officer and sailor in the Greek Navy.




Dimitrios travelled to the Bahamas.

Apr. 7


37 yrs old

Dimitrios received an exit visa from the Greek consulate in Bahamas.

Apr. 23



Dimitrios arrived in New York, New York.

Apr. 28



Dimitrios left New York for Greece.




Magdalene learned of her third pregnancy. She already had two daughters and, since daughters were considered “expensive” (in other words, requiring dowries), she had not planned for a third child. Mother-in-law Mariyo Hirras learned of the pregnancy and paid Magdalene a visit during which she accused her of tricking Dimitrios into having another child. After the delivery, Mariyo “matiase” (placed an “evil eye” upon) Magdalene by saying, “You’ve done it again, [it’s] a girl.” Magdalene would become sick with a fever over these events.

Jul. 5


39 yrs old

Dimitrios’s daughter Kokitsa (“Kiki”) was born in Kato Klima. She was baptized by Ioannis and Magdalene Triakosa.

Dec. 4


44 yrs old

Dimitrios’s father, Stamatios Dimitrios Hirras, died at sea on his cargo boat at the age of 71. His body was brought back, carried off of the boat on a ladder, and buried in Kato Klima.



45 yrs old

Dimitrios’s daughter Anna married Angelis Diamandis Berdanis in Kato Klima. She was 17 years old. Their koumbari were George and Alexandra Berdanis, the groom’s brother and sister-in-law. Dimitrios left for the Bahamas three days later. This was the only wedding of his three daughters’ weddings that he attended.

                      1938 - 1947

Dimitrios lived and worked in Nassau, the Bahamas.

Nov. 22


47 yrs old

Dimitrios renewed his passport until August 1943.

Nov. 25



Dimitrios received a visa to travel to the Bahamas from Greece.

Nov. 30



Dimitrios left for New York from Nassau on the ship Nea Hellas.


Dec. 15/18



Dimitrios arrived in New York.

Dec. 25



Dimitrios left New York for Nassau, the Bahamas.



48 yrs old

Dimitrios’s first grandchild, Diamandis Angelis Berdanis, was born. He died in a Volos hospital at six months of age during a surgery trying to remove a “tumor” located on the back of his neck.

Oct. 28



Greece enters  World War II with the Italian invasion into Epiros from Albania. The church bells of the island toll solemnly to inform the people.  All contact with America ceases during the war. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greco-Italian_War

Apr. 28



Athens, Greece falls to Germans.



49 yrs old

At the age of 19, Dimitrios’s daughter Maria married Angeletos Ioannis Konstantakis in Kato Klima. Their Koumbari are a couple from the town of Skopelos.

Dimitrios was not present. He was still living in Nassau, the Bahamas.

Sept. 4


50 yrs old

Dimitrios’s mother, Maria (“Mariyo”) Deddis Hirra, died in Ano Klima at the age of 68. She outlived her husband by six years. Her nickname was “Zibilou” (the meaning of which is derived from “an open fisherman’s basket with handles”). This nickname would later become her daughter-in-law Magdalene’s nickname as well. She also walked around with a clock in her basket because she liked keeping track of time and never wanted to overstay a visit in someone’s house, earning her another nickname: “orologína” or “timekeeper”. Towards the end of her life, when she was ill, her son Philippos’s wife Magdalene and her son Dimitrios’s wife Magdalene would take turns taking care of her. A joke developed between the two that whenever one would comment that this “seemed like the end,” Mariyo would suddenly have a miraculous recovery. This earned her the fame of being “the mother-in-law that wouldn’t die.”

Oct. 31



Last German troops evacuate mainland Greece in World War II, the church bells of the island rang joyfully to inform the people. Greece immediately fell into a brutal four year civil war. The island did not escape some of the trauma of these events.

May 7



V-E Day, War ends on European Front

Aug. 14



V-J Day, War ends on Pacific Front

Nov. 26


53 yrs old

Dimitrios received an American Visa.

Dec. 3



Dimitrios travelled to Miami, FL.

Jun. 8



Dimitrios renewed passport for travelling to America.




Earthquake damages Kato Klima.



54 yrs old

Dimitrios and Magdalene buy property in Volos to build their youngest daughter, Kokitsa (“Kiki”) a home for her dowry. While his wife Magdalene was in Volos, she and her daughter Kiki would stay with her brother Konstantinos Ravanos and his wife Ourania (“Nina”).




Dimitrios moved from Nassau to Greenville, MS to work in the Mayflower Café, owned by Stamatio (“Charles”) Polizos, an uncle of his future son-in-law, Konstantinos (“Dino, Gus”) Polizos.



55 yrs old

Dimitrios moved to Montgomery, AL from Mississippi. He worked for Pete and Nick Mitchell at the Ritz Café (next to the Jefferson Davis Hotel) for two and a half years before returning to Greece for the last time. While in Montgomery, he lived in the apartments located above the Sheradin Café.

Sept. 2



Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki became engaged to Konstantinos (“Dino, Gus”) Varsamas Polizos.

Oct. 10


56 yrs old

At the age of 16, Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki married Konstantinos (“Dino, Gus”) Varsamas Polizos in Ano Klima. Their koumbara was the groom’s first cousin, Ourania (“Nina”) Fivya Christou.

Dimitrios was not present. He was living in Montgomery.



56 yrs old

Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki left Skopelos and moved to Montgomery where he was living and working.

He lived in Montgomery long enough to see her first two children, Victor and Dimitrios (“Jimmy”).

Sept. 22


59 yrs old

Dimitrios received a smallpox vaccine in Montgomery before his return to Greece.

Oct. 3



Dimitrios took a $15 train ride from Montgomery to New York. The ticket was purchased by his son-in-law, Gus. He returned to Greece via the ship Olympia. He would never leave Greece again.



61 yrs old

Dimitrios received his retirement paperwork from the Greek Navy.




Large Earthquake destroys Volos and the neighboring island of Alonissos.

Aug. 3


63 yrs old

Dimitrios’s last grandchild, Magdalene Polizos, was born in Montgomery, AL.



65 yrs old

Dimitrios received his American social security:

    Social Security Number: 427-48-2993



67 yrs old

Dimitrios moved into his daughter Anna’s new home in Loutraki, Skopelos. This was one of the only homes in Loutraki to have electricity in some rooms and running water.




Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki and her children Victor, Jimmy, and Magdalene visit Greece for four months on the boat, TSS Olympia (http://www.ssmaritime.com/olympia0.htm). This was Kiki’s first trip back to Greece following her wedding in 1948. Dimitrios met Kiki and the children at the boat dock in Pireas and they spent a few days together in Athens seeing the city and visiting the Acropolis (photo). They travelled to the island together and arrived in Loutraki at 5:30 AM. The trip included spending the night on their boat, the Kyknos (swan), in Skiathos’s harbor. Both Dimitrios and Magdalene travelled with Kiki and the children back to Pireas to see them off at the end of their trip. Kiki and the children’s round-trip boat rides were on the Greek ocean liner the Olympia.

Sept. 17


72 yrs old

Dimitrios bought his own home in Loutraki.

Mar.  9



Earthquake damages Ano Klima and begins the process of moving inhabitants to the newly established village of Klima/Elios in the 1980s.




Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki travelled to Greece with her children Jimmy and Magdalene. His son-in-law Gus and grandson Victor surprised the family by making the trip later that summer. This was Gus’s first trip back to Greece since his wedding in 1948. This trip and all of their future trips will be by jet airplane.

Mar. 7


74 yrs old

Dimitrios attended first wedding of one of his grandchildren, that of Magdalene (“Litsa”) Angeletos Konstantaki to Konstantinos Hristos Zóis in Larissa. The couple moved to Düsseldorf, Germany after their wedding.

Apr. 21



Military Junta takes control of the Greek government establishing a dictatorship.

Oct. 8


75 yrs old

Dimitrios attended the wedding of his oldest grandchild, Dimitrios (“Jimmy”) Angelis Berdanis to Eleni Konstantinos Orfanou in Glossa, Skopelos. The couple moved to Nassau, the Bahamas after their wedding.

May 10



Dimitrios’s first great-grandchild, Hristos Konstantinos Zóis, is born in Düsseldorf, Germany. Dimitrios lived to see five of the great-grandchildren who were born in his lifetime.

Jun. 1


76 yrs old

Dimitrios’s daughter Anna died in an Athens hospital at the age of 48 of rheumatic heart disease.




Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki and her children Victor and Magdalene travelled to Skopelos for the summer. Dimitrios’s son-in-law Gus would later surprise the family for a two week visit. This would be the last time Dimitrios would see Gus.

Jul. 20



Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_11

Aug. 18



Dimitrios transferred ownership of the house in Loutraki to his daughter Kiki.



77 yrs old

Dimitrios’s grandson Victor enrolled in medical school in Athens, Greece so Dimitrios saw him on a more regular basis. Victor would visit often on major holidays and long breaks.




Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki and her son Dimitri visit for the summer.



79 yrs old

Dimitrios’s daughter Kiki and her daughter Magdalene visit for the summer.

Nov. 10


80 yrs old

Dimitrios’s younger brother, Mihaíl (“Mihalis”) dies in Ano Klima at the age of 76.

Oct. 7


81 yrs old

Dimitrios falls and breaks his arm getting off of a ship in Volos, en route to Larissa. His wife’s anxiety over his injury induced a stroke. He was admitted to the hospital for recovery.

Oct. 9



Dimitrios’s wife Magdalene Dimitrios Ravanou died of a stroke in Volos at the age of 75. They were married for 57 years. He missed the funeral due to his recent hospitalization.




Dimitrios lived in Larissa with his granddaughter, Dimitra (“Toula”) Yianousis.

Nov. 26



Dimitrios’s younger sister, Evanthia Paleoloyos, died in Ano Klima at the age of 62.

Jul. 23



The Military Junta losses power and democracy is restored to Greece






Apr. 14


82 yrs old

Dimitrios died in a nursing home in Larissa, Greece. He outlived his wife by two years.


 As of: August 5, 2009



Note: While researching the genealogy of the Hirras family and their travels, we have chosen the Hirras spelling for usage in our documentation. We have also seen Hirras spelled Hiras, Heras, Hira, Chiros, Chira, Chiras, Cheros, and Tsiras.


We have chosen to use the spelling Magdalene. We have also seen this name spelled Magdaline and Magdalini.


We have chosen to use the spelling Dimitrios. We have also seen this spelled Demetre, Demetreos, and Demitri.