Nikolaos A. Polizos


Nikolaos Polizos was born in the town of Glossa, on the island of Skopelos, Greece sometime in the 1830s.

He had several sisters in Glossa and three or four brothers.

Greek genealogical tradition puts Nikolaos Polizos’s parents names as Apostolos and Andromahi.


  • He married three times in Skopelos, Greece.


  • He had a total of ten children; the first four were girls, the last six were boys.
  • He had thirty-three grandchildren.
    • Two died as infants, and one was stillborn.
    • Nineteen of his thirty-three grandchildren were born during his lifetime.
    • Five of his grandchildren were named Nicholas (three of them were named Nicholas Polizos).
  • He had fifty-six great-grandchildren, one of whom was born in his lifetime.


  • His first two wives were from Glossa.


  • He and his first wife, Alexandra, had one daughter, Andromahi (“Maho”), in Glossa.
    • Andromahi married Yiorgos Yiannis Caíreys. They had six children.


  • He and his second wife, Maria (“Mariyo”) Balamoúti, married and moved from Glossa to Klima.
  • They had five children.

The first three were girls: Magdalene (1861), Alexandra (“Alexandro”), and Vasiliki (“Vasso”).

The last two were boys: Apostolos (“Apostoli”) (1869), and Anastasios (“Anastasi”) (1871)

    • Magdalene married Yiannis Efstathios Karayioryos. They had three children.
    • Alexandra married Nikolaos Mihalis Mehilis. They had two children.
    • Vasiliki married Yiannis Hirras. They had one daughter.
    • Apostolos married Eleni Anaryeros Kiryazís. They had seven children.
    • Anastasios married twice. His first wife was Maria (“Mariyo”) Yiannis Mastrangelí. They had five children. His second wife was Victoria Mihalis Milahrináki. They had two children.


  • His third wife was from Klima.
  • He and his third wife, Alexandra (“Alexandro”) Varsamas Angelí, had four boys: Varsamas (1877), Yiannis (1883), Mihilis, Konstandinos (1886).
    • Varsamas married Ourania Konstandinos Fivya. They had seven children. One male infant was stillborn and his twin sister died in infancy.
    • Yiannis married Eugenia Kookorini.
    • Mihilis died as a child.
    • Konstandinos died in a car accident between Greenwood and Cleveland, Mississippi in 1926. He was 40 years old.


  • Nikolaos died in 1912 of gangrene of the toe.


Diminutives and birth years are in parentheses.


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