The Skopelos Project
Genealogical research from the island of Skopelos

1910's and 20's

Varsamas Polizos
Charles Jackson
(Stamatios Polizos)
Ioannis Nikolaos Polizos
Jackson Family 1922
Emma Jackson - 1913
John Pelezo Family, 1926

1930's and 40's

Andromahi Polizou Cairey
Charles Jackson late 1940's
Alexandra Polizos, Died 1943
Gus Polizos, PO Cafe
Cleveland, MS 1939
Post Office Cafe. Hollondale, MS
Gus Polizos
Gus and Nick Polizos
Gus Polizos. Macon, GA
Gus and Nick Polizos
John Fivgas, Gus Polizos,
and Vic Fivgas
Nick Polizos
Theotoki Angelatto with
Gus Polizos
Gus Polizos' US Army
Discharge Papers
Varsamas and Ourania Polizos
Varsamas with sons
Gus and Nick Polizos
Varsamas and Gus Polizos
Gus Polizos, Skopelos 1948
Gus and Kiki Polizos, 1948
Gus and Kiki Polizos, 1948
Back of previous card
Kiki and Victor Polizos, 1949

1950's and 60's

Nikolaos Polizos and Eleni Cairey.
May 1950
Victor Polizos, early 1951
Dimitri Polizos, early 1951
Menelaos and Roula
Stamataki, 1952
Kiki Hirras Polizos
Jasmine Hill, AL
Nick and Caliope Polizos
Alexandra Panayiotou. Grandson
Stamatis Stamatakis, 1953

Charles Arthur Pelezo 1879-1954
Gus and Kiki Polizos
Jasmine Hill, AL
Gus Polizos at his
home. Montgomery, AL
Mary Deonis Pelezo 1885-1954
Epifanis and Hariklia Careys
with Yioryios Polizos, 1954
Riviera owners Nick and Gus
Polizos and Vick Fivyas
Future site of the
Riviera Restaurant
Riviera Restaurant under
construction, 1955.
Riviera Restaurant
Montgomery, AL
Gus Polizos in front
of the Riviera Restaurant
Varsamas Polizos

Baptism of Magdalene Polizos

Polizos family on the day of
Magdalene's baptism
Gus, Kiki, Victor,
and Jimmy Polizos
Jasmine Hill Gardens
Wetumpka, AL
Kiki and Magdalene Polizos
Kiki Polizos with Victor
Jimmy, and Magdalene, 1960
Panayiotis and Aphrodite
Ballas, 1959
Yiannis and Maria Diomi, 1959
Magdalene Polizos, 1960

TSS Olympia used to travel
to Greece, summer 1960
Varsamas with grandchildren
Victor, Jimmy, and Magdalene
Kostas and Andonia Caireys, 1967
Varsamas Polizos
fishing in Skopelos
Nick Kallianos 1917-1969
Varsamas Polizos with children
Gus and Anthoula, 1965
Evangelia Polizou Kouri

1970's and 80's

Haroula Polizou Anitsa

Nick C. Caireys 1895-1974
Chris J. Saratsopoulos 1898-1976

Constantine J Manolios 1911-1976
Dimitri Polizo, 1979

Kostas & Ourania Kallianos, 1979
Jim Pelezo 1915-1982
Victor Polizos with his
Godson Gregory Angelides
Victor Polizos pediatric practice
announcement. March, 1985
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